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Genesis 2 Female Swimwear

Genesis 2 Female Swimwear

Swimwear for Genesis 2 Female for use in Daz Studio 4.6.

Three styles of bathing suit for Genesis - strapless, halterneck and conventional plus a short skirt and a hip scarf. Mix and match to suit.

Swimsuit 3 can be turned into a bikini by turning opacity to zero, on the middle section, in the surfaces tab.

There are several MAT zones included so you can change colours easily. I have also included several Textures.

Extract the files to your "/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library" folder.

Commercial renders OK. Contents not for redistribution.

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Added: 10 Aug 2013Downloads: 2517Likes: 89


My items are not to be used on the Second Life website. They have recently changed their TOS and are legally able to take/steal anything uploaded and resell/redistribute the items.

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Thank you!
28 Sep 2019 06:32 - Hennie

Nicely done.
20 Oct 2018 01:29 - mrposter

Thank you!
24 Dec 2017 16:58 - GrandmaT

You are a genius, just what I was looking for. Hafa adai
30 Jun 2017 22:15 - thanatos-not

Thank you very much for sharing all these nice clothes. I have recently started modelling in Daz and here at your website I feel like a little boy in a toyshop. Kind Regards
26 Nov 2016 22:31 - Armilio

Thanks, my first dl, but I'm looking over your site and it looks very interesting.
05 Aug 2016 20:36 - rubydubydu

I love it!
12 Feb 2016 16:23 - daichimax

I was searching for that kind of suits for a long long time, thks.. oh i forgot something : HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes !!!
17 Jan 2016 23:18 - Raspoutine12

So simple and elegant
24 May 2015 15:15 - Dragonspear

I just downloaded the dresses and left a comment there. You do amazing work. It'll be years before I can do anything comparable! Cheers!
02 Nov 2014 01:22 - Kenkoy

Should all be sorted now.
27 Aug 2014 17:50 - Wilmap

Will get this sorted as soon as the webmaster is free.
27 Aug 2014 11:17 - Wilmap

Usefull! But, no Support Files?
27 Aug 2014 09:04 - RC&ski