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Pilgrim Fathers Outfits for G2F & G2M

Pilgrim Fathers Outfits for G2F & G2M

Pilgrim Outfits for G2M & G2F for use in Daz Studio 4.6

Movement handles in dress & Skirt. Fit Morph in Jacket.

Unzip and copy the files to your "/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library" folder.

Commercial renders OK. Contents not for redistribution.

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Added: 22 Jun 2014Downloads: 1986Likes: 128


My items are not to be used on the Second Life website. They have recently changed their TOS and are legally able to take/steal anything uploaded and resell/redistribute the items.

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Your stuff really fills a gap I have in my content. Thank you so much! It looks great!
28 Jun 2022 22:34 - Joe Momma

Thank you so much!
12 Sep 2020 16:19 - Rieke77

1st: Thanks for your work! 2nd & after a first test: I think it would be nice to add an even rougher surface (like felt) to the materials for the hat.
01 Feb 2020 19:23 - khema3dj

01 Jul 2019 14:17 - QuickR

Thank you
14 Dec 2018 09:30 - Bramely

Thank you; this will be helpful for my son's school project.
09 Feb 2018 17:32 - tanyabrown

I understand, and you do them beautifully. The outfits you make are really great. I just hope you do a few more historical ones, I never got the Native American outfits to work, but no other glitches I know of... PS: I wish you'd consider going on that religious journey some time and put out the full range. Cheers!
26 Jul 2017 07:48 - Baghool

@Baghool - I have never really classed the Pilgrim Fathers as Religeous, even though they are. These wre just part of my Historical outfits. I will not make any religeous outfits because if I did one particular religeon I would have to do them all. I mainly make everyday items, for now, and the past.
24 Jun 2017 08:27 - Wilmap

I asked you to do a Nun outfit once, and you told me you never do any religious outfits. The obvious question is why? The next thing is why'd you do the Puritan Pilgrim outfits, that are totally religious.... I understand that you might be one of those who hates religion, or the possibility of being labeled biased towards one religious group, but why not do a range, a Buddhist Shaolin Monk outfit comes to mind, a Turkish Imam, and a Nun and Franciscan Monk would be really cool. I only bring it up because I know you'd nail each one, and since you'd offer them free, that would be a big help to budget renders. But I understand not wanting to touch religion with a ten foot poll. :)
24 Jun 2017 06:20 - Baghool

Modelling is good, very beautiful. Thank you very much!
28 Feb 2017 04:34 - hanju

Thank you.
06 Feb 2017 16:21 - lastnameleft

Thanks for sharing=-)
04 Nov 2016 22:15 - CarolLee

28 Oct 2016 18:37 - CyberSmudger

Thanks for sharing=-)
07 Aug 2016 15:27 - CarolLee

thank you very much
17 Apr 2016 06:26 - toyyaris

03 Dec 2015 10:18 - OldBuff23

beautiful thank you
02 Dec 2015 14:08 - pspmaus

You do such lovely work. Thanks so very much
10 Nov 2015 15:22 - SummerStorm

Dude, so impressed with all the content for the site. Huge thanks, and donation incoming. You deserve it!
29 Sep 2015 19:43 - rlegare

Thank you very much! This site must have been a LOT of work!
28 Jul 2015 03:19 - FancySam

thanks. Love your work
26 Jul 2015 17:07 - fireflightt

Thank you very much
20 Jul 2015 10:20 - SilverDolphin

Excellent suits! Thanks!
12 Apr 2015 07:37 - ramnimus

04 Mar 2015 03:21 - x-manster

Will come in very handy this set.. Brillantly done! Thanks
16 Feb 2015 03:33 - KevanC

Thank you, this is lovely!
13 Jan 2015 14:04 - deslea

Beautiful, thank you
23 Oct 2014 15:48 - StarLite Moon

thank you very much.
23 Sep 2014 05:34 - masamune