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G2M & G2F Cycling Outfit Part 1

G2M & G2F Cycling Outfit Part 1

Cycling Outfit for Genesis 2 Male & Female for use in Daz Studio 4.6.

I have also included several Textures. There are 6 matching Team sets, plus plain items for your own colours & tetxures.

Also included a very basic cycling Pose. Not perfect by a long way, but it is a starting point.

Unzip and copy the files to your "/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library" folder.

Commercial renders OK. Contents not for redistribution.

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Added: 25 Jul 2014Downloads: 1635Likes: 94


My items are not to be used on the Second Life website. They have recently changed their TOS and are legally able to take/steal anything uploaded and resell/redistribute the items.

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20 Feb 2019 10:15 - mpondi

Thank you
14 Dec 2018 09:29 - Bramely

28 Oct 2016 18:36 - CyberSmudger

thank you for making this!
13 Jun 2015 09:36 - jstilton2000

Great work. Thanks very much..
16 Feb 2015 03:52 - KevanC

Thanks for clothes and resource link! Love your work!
13 Dec 2014 20:27 - DekeHedd

Thanks for these and bicycle link! Great to have in case I need to send anyone on a ride :)
28 Nov 2014 09:13 - Dr Overlord

Oh boy, I didn't intend to grab any more, but I couldn't avoid this one. Great for a cycling joke I'd like to send a friend who needs to lessen his obsession!
02 Nov 2014 01:27 - Kenkoy

The bicycle was downloaded frome here: http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/racing-bicycle-82526.html
30 Oct 2014 12:18 - Wilmap

Amazing Set! Where can i find the bicycle?
29 Oct 2014 21:09 - Spanky

Terrific, thank you
23 Oct 2014 15:46 - StarLite Moon