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G2F Winter Coat

G2F Winter Coat

Winter Coat for Genesis 2 Female for use in Daz Studio 4.6.

Movement handles in coat, plus Open-Close Morph and various morphs for fitting over other clothes.

Unzip and copy the files to your "My Library" folder.


Commercial renders OK. Contents not for redistribution.

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Added: 07 Dec 2014Downloads: 2115Likes: 113


My items are not to be used on the Second Life website. They have recently changed their TOS and are legally able to take/steal anything uploaded and resell/redistribute the items.

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Great JOB! Thank you!
21 Jul 2020 20:14 - aanndy

Looks great! Thank you.
25 Jan 2018 03:40 - luci45

Thank you!
24 Dec 2017 17:25 - GrandmaT

Thanks a lot
29 Nov 2016 12:39 - benwink

thnk u
07 Jan 2015 13:20 - fairyfantastic

Thank you for the open/close morphs, you always think of everything. Wonderful winter coat.
04 Jan 2015 17:48 - Mandy

Thank you so much for this. Earlier this year I began to learn DS after several years of exclusively using Poser. I have been considering G2F for several months and now am looking for some content without breaking the bank. This is very much appreciated.
28 Dec 2014 00:31 - AetherDream

Your clothes and shoes always work for me unlike others...thank you and have a Merry Christmas!!
18 Dec 2014 01:50 - cocoa51

Beautiful, thank you so much
14 Dec 2014 16:30 - StarLite Moon

Thank you so much for all your wonderful clothes and shaders, they are superb and fill a very large gap in sensible clothing in my runtime. Very much appreciated, thanks again. I wish you a very merry Christmas.
13 Dec 2014 23:50 - FragmentedFortunes

Thank you very much :) Merry Christmas to all
09 Dec 2014 12:42 - RedMysticAngel

Thank you very much. This is SOOOOOOO needed. Cheers
08 Dec 2014 18:15 - Spit

Thanks for the coat. It'll make a nice Christmas gift for my 3D,lol.
08 Dec 2014 02:53 - blkaznqueen

Thanks Wilmap, it's working for me now. Probably Xmas gremlins making a nuisance. ;)
07 Dec 2014 21:01 - wideload

Great clothing...thanks for all of it. One question...I have several female characters in illustrated stories that I write who work hard and are tough. I have had a real challenge finding clothing that is suitable for outdoors work on a farm or archeological dig or just chasing a bad guy down a dark alley. I'm trying to find an assortment of casual and outdoor clothing that is practical for tough, active female characters. Do you have anything in the works? Or is there someplace you can point me to for Genesis 2 clothing of this type?
07 Dec 2014 17:39 - Peter von Stackelberg

So lovely - sorry for not commenting on all of these, but they're ALL appreciated :)
07 Dec 2014 17:08 - Alisa

My girl G2F thanks you for the lovely winter coat... She will need it living in cooooooold Ohio ;) Happy Holidays!!!
07 Dec 2014 16:47 - Llola Lane

Lovely coat, Thanks. O, @Atrion, just a suggestion; after you login just hit your back page arrow twice and you'll be back to the download item.
07 Dec 2014 16:24 - Rhadamanthus

Thank you very much for this beautiful coat.
07 Dec 2014 16:15 - mazal

Oh baby it's cold outside! Thanks Wendy. It is a lovely coat.
07 Dec 2014 15:45 - DollyGirl

Another great freebie. Thanks very much!
07 Dec 2014 14:26 - westore

Thank you for this wonderful coat!
07 Dec 2014 13:16 - Crudelitas

Wonderful item. Thank you.
07 Dec 2014 13:00 - Kismet2012

It's on the To-Do list, but my son can only do these things in his spare time.
07 Dec 2014 12:28 - Wilmap

Just a suggestion for the website, it's a pain to have to go look for the item again after logging in, maybe it could have a java script to send you back to the item page?
07 Dec 2014 11:44 - Atrion

Very cool stuff, thank you.
07 Dec 2014 11:44 - RC&ski

Thx for sharing
07 Dec 2014 11:35 - Amigo

Wendy, thank you! Needed a winter style jacket for some time - great work!
07 Dec 2014 11:34 - launok

Working OK for me. Can you try again?
07 Dec 2014 11:09 - Wilmap

Sorry to bug you but I keep getting a 404 Not Found error. I tried a few other files and they work fine, it's just this one. Has the file actually been re-uploaded yet, or am I too quick? :)
07 Dec 2014 11:05 - wideload

Thank you for the quick reaction! :-)
07 Dec 2014 10:57 - caravelle

Sorry about that. I thought I had uploaded the correct files. Now updated.
07 Dec 2014 10:43 - Wilmap

Thank you very much, this is what G2F needs now. I like the design, but unfortunately, when I try to load it, I get the message: Some assets to load the file were missing. The following files could not be found: /data/Pusey Designs/G2F Doctors Coat/G2F Doctors Coat/G2F Doctors Coat UV_10516.dsf /data/Pusey Designs/G2F Doctors Coat/G2F Doctors Coat/Morphs/Pusey Designs/Base/Open-Close Coat.dsf
07 Dec 2014 10:26 - caravelle