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Tights Textures for Genesis Supersuit

Tights Textures for Genesis Supersuit

Some Tights for Genesis for use in Daz Studio 4.

These textures are for making tights with Supersuit. I have included several Textures.

You must have the Genesis Basic Supersuit. (http://www.daz3d.com/shop/genesis-supersuit/)

Load the supersuit and apply the texture - parts of the suit will be made transparent so that it now looks like tights.

Commercial renders OK. Contents not for redistribution.

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Added: 04 Jul 2012Downloads: 1624Likes: 57


My items are not to be used on the Second Life website. They have recently changed their TOS and are legally able to take/steal anything uploaded and resell/redistribute the items.

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Wonderful ans so useful. Thank you for your generosity!
09 Feb 2018 22:27 - Thrommarcadia

great alternative to your genesis tights item! thank you :)
18 Nov 2016 04:57 - manekineko

Thanks for sharing!... Thank you....
23 Sep 2016 17:53 - benwink

You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your great talent!
12 Feb 2016 16:47 - daichimax

Wow thanks a lot!
07 Feb 2016 19:05 - alfredo

thank you <3
02 Jan 2016 04:53 - nain

28 Jun 2015 23:34 - MarciaGomes

Purchased the Super Suit from DAZ but haven't used it yet, will definitely get some use out of it now. Thank You.
04 Jan 2015 16:17 - Mandy

I did not know you had made anything for the Genesis Supersuit! This is fantastic! I will be using these often, and this gives me some great ideas of my own! Thanks!
02 Jan 2015 03:02 - Agent 0013