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Genesis Fencing Outfit

Genesis Fencing Outfit

A Fencing Outfit for Genesis for use in Daz Studio 4.

Included a Hand Pose for use with the epee which is parented to the right hand.

Skin colouring for Genesis legs and feet.

Will work with most poses and shapes.

Extract the files to your "/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library" folder.

Commercial renders OK. Contents not for redistribution.

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Added: 08 Mar 2013Downloads: 1287Likes: 54


My items are not to be used on the Second Life website. They have recently changed their TOS and are legally able to take/steal anything uploaded and resell/redistribute the items.

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Thank you !
25 Dec 2023 19:01 - cherudek

lmao i fence epee but also render stuff so this is a solid find in my book
20 Feb 2018 03:03 - artjerk

Excellent! Thanks!
12 Aug 2017 17:35 - Seaview123

24 Feb 2017 16:17 - chibimars

24 Feb 2017 10:09 - flashtash

28 Oct 2016 20:01 - CyberSmudger

Cool! Thanks much!
30 Apr 2015 01:50 - nafian

Wow, the face mask and epee (I'm assuming that is the sword thingy. So neat, thank you.
30 Dec 2014 07:01 - Mandy

This is so cool - thank you very much!
29 Oct 2014 21:25 - freewindfairy