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Genesis Mad Scientist Lab Coat

Genesis Mad Scientist Lab Coat

A Mad Scientist Lab Coat for Genesis for use in Daz Studio 4.

Come is three lengths.

Unzip and copy the files to your "/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library" folder.

Commercial renders OK. Contents not for redistribution.

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Added: 05 Apr 2013Downloads: 1809Likes: 85


My items are not to be used on the Second Life website. They have recently changed their TOS and are legally able to take/steal anything uploaded and resell/redistribute the items.

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Thank you! i need this for my 3d students.
15 Sep 2021 08:14 - Hennie

Thanks so much! I used these and the Genesis 2 doctor's coat on my new book cover for Adia, Scientist, which will be up soon on amazon.com under dannistories. Thanks again!! I converted the lab coats to Genesis 8 figures using SickleYield's clever utility Sickle Rigging and Morphing System in DAZ Studio, and the Genesis 2 clone from Cayman Studios, as well as SickleYield's G2 UVs for G8. These worked wonderfully well! The fit was right and the look was just right for German-Americans from 1840 transplanted to a new colony a hundred years before my book!
13 Feb 2020 08:03 - DanniStories

Very Cool! I use to wear a lab coat when I worked. Thanks so very much for such a clever piece. Jan
08 Oct 2018 13:26 - Jan

Thank you!
24 Dec 2017 17:51 - GrandmaT

Thank you.
05 Feb 2017 15:06 - lastnameleft

28 Oct 2016 19:56 - CyberSmudger

Hello Wilmap I'm a Poser user, I have downloaded this item to see if I can use it in that program, I have the DSON Importer loaded in Poser but have never actually used it yet.... I look forward to any advice/comments if the answer is already known ta
30 Apr 2016 09:38 - esjaka

Thank you, this is what I am looking for. Thanks again.
18 Mar 2016 13:15 - jenny80

Been looking for something like this! Thanks alot!
23 Oct 2015 01:38 - svwillia

thank you!
11 Jan 2015 00:16 - Mick_Olgen

Also reminds me me of a chef's tunic, kind of. Thank you.
30 Dec 2014 06:50 - Mandy

Just what's needed. Ta!
19 Nov 2014 09:13 - HarrySydney

Neat item!
15 Nov 2014 06:41 - Dr Overlord

Thank you!
13 Sep 2014 16:37 - radiomarsh